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Culture and character. Make the most of Dordrecht – also called Dordt – in all its historical beauty. Pleasing to the eye, Dordrecht reflects its rich history everywhere. With the advantages of a larger town, while not being a big city, it’s a popular city to rent. It has the perfect balance between the dynamics of bigger surrounding cities and nature close by.

With great connections to cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague, you’re within easy reach of popular Dutch attractions and cultural hotspots. Perfect for taking yourself or your loved ones on a date during the weekends.

Minutes from the Biesbosch National Park, living in Dordrecht is lush. Completely surrounded by water, this city is basically an island. Waterways around Dordrecht make the city accessible by water bus. Combine this with the typical Dutch atmosphere, and you’ve got it all.

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What about Dordrecht

Dordrecht is located south of Rotterdam, in the middle of the Randstad – the heart of the Netherlands. The city is easily accessible by car, train, bus, bicycle, and water. Within a few minutes, you’re on the highway by car. Dordrecht’s historic city center is closed to vehicular traffic and the city center is very easy to bike around. Plus, it is only one hour away from Schiphol Airport.


Your Dordrecht

Everything breathes history in Dordrecht. Before this city became an island, it was a rich trading city and the most important city in the Netherlands. Wander around in the city center, full of old and typically Dutch warehouses, drawbridges, and extraordinary buildings. This contributes to the very typical Dutch atmosphere and is a delight to the eye. But, what’s more to do when living in Dordrecht?

  • Voorstraat and Vriesestraat
    Dordrecht is a popular city to shop. Voorstraat and Vriesestraat are a Valhalla of small boutiques and concept stores. It has local businesses that can’t be found anywhere else. Crossing the core shopping area, these streets are characterized by centuries-old buildings with many local shops.

  • The Biesbosch National Park
    Situated between Rotterdam and The Biesbosch National Park, Dordrecht is lucky. In this Dutch jungle-like area, you can enjoy nature in peace or go on an active trip. Everything is possible: go hiking, canoeing, biking, or going on an excursion. You can even spend the night in a ranger’s hut in the middle of nature or spot a sea eagle. And that is all just around the corner of your home!

  • Rotterdam
    Pulsating energy and creativity, Rotterdam is a must-do! Dive into a world where tradition meets groundbreaking innovation, and the spirit of exploration knows no limits. This city attracts people from around the globe, making it a great city to visit. From Dordrecht, you’re there within 15 minutes by public transport.